Product List

– Reel Managers (Universal unwinding stand)
– chipping knives, granulator knives, knives, knives, anvils, bolts
– meat knives and industrial knives of any kind
– power bar (Coleman)
– welding blocks and carbide tips
– Grinding of a roller to be tensioned


color-transparent-5000x (Universal unwinding stand)

– Micro-spray systems (MQL)
– grinding wheels of all kinds
– diamond wheels
– glider knives
– circular saws
– saw teeth and tenons
– carbide tips
– indicator dials
– Babbitt and pot at Babbitt
– lubricants
– pieces of equipment
– solder pastes
– stellite teeth
– others

Manufacturer and distributor of a complete range of products for the forest industry as well as the plastic recycling industry.

CARPO Industries Inc. is a Canadian industry that specializes in the manufacture of premium knives and the distribution of a full range of related products for the industry.
CARPO Industries is a partner of choice for your needs.