Company mission

In a world of constant technological change and acceleration,
CARPO Industries mission is to provide excellence in machining and to respect our commitments.

Our strengths are the realization of quality parts while respecting the specifications.
Our expertise is the know-how for the machining of a wide variety of materials.
Our niche markets are small and medium-sized production runs.

Every day, we push the limits of our machines to offer you :
the fastest service, a quality that meets your expectations and
a personalized follow-up for each customer.

Sébastien Thunus

President and Chief Executive Officer


Sébastien Thunus, the owner of CARPO Industries trained as a qualified industrial mechanic and metallurgical foundry technician in Europe.

1996 Sébastien comes to Quebec and gives us the benefit of his various experiences and expertise, including: production line and tooling design, manufacturing, as well as lubricant and micro-spray distribution.

2010  Creation of CARPO Industries by a local company.

2014 Sébastien invests heavily in the company. The reputation for excellence quickly became known and CARPO Industries got a sure start!

2017 CARPO Industries acquired two renowned machine shops in the region as well as their experienced staff.

2018  Carpo Industries acquires the manufacturer Reel-Reel Manager. Our service offer is diversified by allowing the development, manufacture and distribution of cable reels manager.

2019 Sébastien becomes the sole shareholder of CARPO Industries.

Our excellent reputation in the market is based on the DNA of our corporate culture :
discipline, rigor and passion for our job.
We care about our customers, our accomplishments are our pride and our people are our family.


2015 Acquisition of a new Mazak QTN 250MY lathe and a new Mazak VCN530C milling machine.

2016 Acquisition of a new Mazak VCT 300C milling machine.

2016 Acquisition of OPE ” Outils-Précision de l’Estrie “, a company with many years of experience in the manufacturing of precision tools and injection molds.

2017 Acquisition of the company “Lusitech concept” expert in the sector of conventional machining and mechanical assembly.

2018 Acquired the assets of the company “Dévidoir – Reel Manager” distributor of Universal Unwinding Stand, Industries CARPO was already the manufacturer of these products since 2015.

2021 Acquisition of two new milling machines, a Mazak VCN 570C and a Hass VF8.

social responsibility

CARPO Industries feels responsible for the environment and health and safety. Every day, the management and all employees take action;


  • Reducing the company’s energy consumption
  • Reducing water consumption and pollution
  • Reducing waste at the source
  • Keeping the workplace clean and safe
  • Educating our business partners to reduce their environmental footprint
  • Supporting causes that protect our team, the environment and the earth.


CARPO Industries congratulates its employees for their valuable participation in the achievement of its objectives.
The mastery of their know-how contributes to the expansion of the company.